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IAKP Kambo Intensive Training Program



The course will be 14 days in duration with a maximum of 8 students which is good for those who prefer a more intimate environment and overall feeling of personalization in which to learn.

Smaller groups are helpful in creating familial like support while keeping healthy boundaries and at the same time developing deeper relationships with ourselves, one another, and most importantly to Kambo.

It will be located at the Ouroboros Healing House in Lake Arrowhead, CA which is a private residence that also operates as an independent branch of  Oklevueha Native American Church.


There are stunning surrounding scenic views and short scenic walks a very close distance from the space.

The course will be 14 days, in order to provide you with the necessary individual and personal attention.  All your


accommodations, food, and materials for the course are included in the course fee.

There will be 12 teaching days with one day or possibly one-half day off mid-course, depending on time. On the final day,


there will be a practical and written assessment and certificates will be handed out to those who pass the course.

The course is taught in English, it is not suitable for those who do not speak, read and understand English fluently.  You will be provided with a copyrighted workbook/ manual from the course which


you are not permitted to teach, share or copy for any reason.


 Alcohol and recreational drugs are strictly forbidden during our training.



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It is very important to note that joining the training does not guarantee that you will become a Kambo practitioner


immediately. Not everyone who joins the course passes the training.

We want you to succeed and so there are some pre-requisites in place, to help make sure you have the best possible chance of


completing and passing the training.

The prerequisites for this first level course are:

1. You have experienced Kambo and felt a strong call to work with it. It is important to remember Kambo is extremely


powerful medicine and the decision to work with it should not be taken lightly.

2. You have received Kambo at least 6 times or will have done so before the course starts.

3. You have assisted the practitioner for at least one Kambo ceremony or will make arrangements to do this before the course


start date if it is geographically possible. Please contact any IAKP listed practitioner and request this opportunity. (You can


combine assisting with receiving treatment at the practitioners' discretion)   This is a recommendation only, not a requirement.

4. You are sufficiently physically fit and emotionally stable to do the work.

5. You are able to put yourself into service and adopt a mindset of gratitude and humility when working with Kambo

6. You understand that if you have declared that you meet the pre-requisites and are then found to be otherwise, you may be


asked to leave the course.

7. Because of the increasing issue in our IAKP trainings. Do not take BUFO or IBOGA at least 8 weeks before the training.


Practitioners across the IAKP have experienced negative outcomes when Kambo is taken too soon after a Bufo or Iboga


ceremonies and as you will be taking Kambo a number of times during the training we do not want to run that risk.

However, if you do successfully complete the course and the vast majority of students do, you will have everything that you


need to start treating clients. You will also be entitled to a free 1 year membership of the International Association of Kambo


Practitioners, .


As part of your membership, your name will be listed on the Worldwide Practitioner list on the website. IAKP membership


gives you access to ongoing advice and support for your work through both ourselves, senior practitioners and our legal and


medical resources.


We run a fairly traded, sustainably harvested Kambo sticks co-operative, produce regular updates on the world of Kambo and


also source Rapé, Sananga, Palo Santo, Dragon’s Blood and more for our members.



After 18 months of successful practice you may gain access to a further one week Advanced course, which will lead to Master


Practitioner status. And after a further 12 –18month period of successful practice, a limited number may have access to the


Kambo Practitioner Trainer course.


The accommodations are dorm-style rooms,  2 1/4 bathrooms will be shared among 8 students, laundry facilities onsite,


and WIFI services are available. 

Healthy Bowl


All food will be lovingly prepared and cooked on-site using fresh local ingredients when possible. Food is served buffet style and will


is vegan /vegetarian. Please let us know if you need gluten-free or have allergies.


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The all-inclusive cost of the 14-day Kambo Practitioners Intensive in Lake Arrowhead, CA is USD 3,200.


A $500 non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking to secure your space. Due to the high level of interest in


this course is a strictly first-come, first-served system.

The balance of 2700.00 USD needs to be paid on or before the first day that the course begins. This can be made as a single


cash payment of the total amount the day the course starts, or as smaller regular payments as long as the full amount is


paid by the first-day of the course.

Payment/s can be made through Venmo to Maria_Gonzales or TransferWise. The payer is responsible for all transfer fees


and payments must be in US dollars. Contact Maria at for payment transfer details.

Spaces are limited and will go very quickly. The previous course was fully booked within the first week of the invite being sent out.

Due to the cost of admin, transfer fees, the inability to fill in the spot you have reserved, and other factors, we are unable


to refund a deposit.

**To book, send a confirmation email to as stated above, your deposit needs to be sent in within 24 hours otherwise your space will be released back to the pool.



If you need to cancel your course registration, please do so at your earliest convenience. Late cancellations make it difficult to


give someone else the opportunity to attend.

Once you have paid any portion of the course fees, administrative and cancellation fees will apply as follows:



  • All deposits are non-refundable.  However, deposits can be used towards other courses within one year.


       Cancellations 2 months before the course start date.

  • Course fees less the $500 deposit and applicable administrative charges (PayPal, credit card, bank etc.) will be refunded


  • within 30 days.

Cancellations 1 month before the course start date.

  • Course fees are non-refundable.

  • In the case of a serious emergency (hospitalization or death in the family), we will credit you 50% of the refundable fees.


  • Refundable fees are fees less the $500 deposit and applicable administrative charges (Venmo, bank etc.)

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To book your course you must email Maria at and confirm that you would like a space. If


there is still space available, we will hold that space for 24 hours while you pay your deposit.



If the deposit is not paid within 24 hours, the space will be released back to the pool.




20211203_143848 (3).jpg

I am passionate about and love teaching new practitioners how to serve Kambo to others as taught by the founder of the IAKP, Karen Darke.

I learned how to build a safe and professional practice that is built upon respect, integrity, responsibility as well as accountability, and this is what I teach.


Upon completion of my training, I had absolute confidence that I would be able to keep individuals safe during their Kambo sessions while learning many procedures, methods and techniques that I would be able to use in order to help my clients heal.


But most importantly, I had met the spirit of Kambo on a level that I had never experienced before taking this course. 

I am also extremely passionate about this particular course and the transformative effects that this course often has on students who have completed it - just as it has had on my own life.


Sharing this information with those who are making a responsible choice to learn from the longest-established organization that has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share is work that I greatly value and it gives me a tremendous amount of fulfillment.

I was taught directly by the founder of the organization Karen Dark. Karen took me through all of the levels from basic practitioner to where I am today, instructing for the IAKP.

I am the CEO of Ouroboros Healing House in Lake Arrowhead, CA. - which is an independent branch of the Okleveha Native American Church. I am a spiritual counselor and am experienced in taking individuals through a death-rebirth process or what can be known as a spiritual death doula. I also
 hold certifications in Reiki, Permaculture, and of course Kambo.


In the Woods



Getting to our venue is easy. You can fly to Ontario, California from numerous locations worldwide, or take the bus from Los



Once you have arrived at the airport, you can travel to the venue by Lyft or cab. One month before the course starts you will


receive a ‘what to bring’ list.

You will also receive each other’s email addresses, so if you wish, you can arrange ride shares to travel to the venue



Please arrive at Ontario airport before 5 pm on the day that the course begins in order to give yourself time to travel to the


venue before the orientation dinner scheduled at 6 pm. 

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