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Maria is a Master Practitioner and one of  the IAKP's  Trainers. She has a  ministers degree in Metaphysical Science and is a spiritual counselor. And she is the CEO of ONAC Of Lake Arrowhead Ouroboros Healing House.


She first learned about Kambo, years ago after an ayahuasca ceremony and has immersed herself into healing ways of the Amazonian tribal traditions ever since.


She quickly realized that the holistic approach to Amazonian tribal medicine ran parallel with one of the most important concepts of  metaphysical science and that is that the origin of an individuals dis-ease such as cancer, depression, addictions etc. starts on the energetic level or the level of ones spirit. 


Maria began to merge the two healing modalities together to help her with her own healing . She had worked intensely over the years on her own "stuff" such as emotional and physical issues like food addiction, abusive relationship patterns, dysfunctional patterns of behavior learned by family as well as her culture. She has first hand experience of the synergistic blend of  the two disciplines and blending the work together has profoundly impacted her life. Her greatest passion is to share that knowledge with others.

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