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"A single Kambo administration corrected a severe fruit allergy that I thought would never go away.  
Symptoms were persistent: discomfort, scratchy throat, and cough which would worsen when any fruit was ingested.
I thought it was to be a lifelong limitation, but the outcome was surprising.  
I was delighted with the ease and efficiency of the Kambo treatment!"

Joyce Younacha

"Came across Kambo in Peru in 2012 when I ran into Ayahuasca. Kambo has amazing benefits, including but not limited to:
Higher sustained energy levels, Better sleep,
Stronger immune system (did not get even the slightest bit ill for approx. 2 years after my first treatment)
Easier to focus, and Mental Clarity"

Gavin Tatum

“I wasn't sure what to expect from the experience, but in the time period leading up to that I had been giving a lot of thought

to where I was at in terms of my career and the direction I needed to go.  
I felt that I was being pulled in different directions and I started to experiment with alternative medicine.
After finding Maria and talking with her on the phone for a bit, I decided to try Kambo.
In the next few weeks, I experienced a creative streak and an unusual burst of motivation that lasted several months.  
I thought perhaps I was imagining the increased motivation,
but after several months (and after hitting a writer's block for a book I had decided to write),
I again decided to seek out Kambo with Maria.”

“This second bout of Kambo again led to a creative burst related to my writing,
as well as very lucid dreaming and one occasion of (dare I say it?) Premonition dreaming.”  

“I have met a number of questionable guides/shamans/holistic healers over the years,
and what I can say of Maria is that she is completely genuine in her passion for this medicine and her clientele.
She is not in this to make a quick buck or for egotistical reasons.  
Her clients safety and experience is paramount to her,
and I would gladly refer other people to her who were interested in Kambo.”


"I wanted to let you know that once I got us off the mountain, Staci drove the rest of the way home. Two Hours!! No anxiety.  
She thought for sure that driving her little car would give her the usual anxiety on the way from my house in her little car.  


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